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BBQ Dead Horse Pork Belly with simple slaw

BBQ Dead Horse Pork Belly with simple slaw

BBQ Dead Horse Pork Belly with simple slaw This dish got its name by chance. We were at the Bruny Island Cheese company and there was a locally made tomato sauce called “Dead Horse” it’s the Australian rhyming slang for tomato sauce. The recipe however […]

Christobel’s Camp Salad Special

Christobel’s Camp Salad Special

Christobel’s Camp Salad Special The trick to this delightful salad is the camping ingredients you buy that are robust enough to stay good for a couple of days without worry. We usually always have these ingredients on hand with obvious variation. Bread is a rare […]

Bruny Island oysters with a chilli and ginger dressing

Bruny Island oysters with a chilli and ginger dressing.
First things first. You need to be on Bruny Island. Then there is this awesome little joint halfway to the South Island called “Get Shucked” and even cooler it’s a drive through, so you don’t have to get out of the car. The ingredient was so fresh that no cooking or other ingredients are required however that doesn’t make for an interesting blog. So we got 2 dozen, we had the first dozen as an entree, au natural. OMG!! We were both absolute that they were the best, freshest, plumpest and creamiest oysters we had ever eaten. I said “Get Shucked” after every oyster, so I take it that’s how the oyster joint got its name.
Main Course was just a little tweak to an oyster that’s worthy of telling you about, I cant quite remember where I got this idea of a recipe most likely naked chef by Jamie Oliver but it’s kind of dressing the oyster as you might dress a salad. So this dressing was chilli and ginger. There are no photos due to the fact that Christobel cut all the ingredients, picture this, what would a shallot look like if you cut it using a chainsaw, chilli same.

Bruny Island oyster au natural
12 Bruny Island oysters

Bruny Island oysters with Christobel’s slaughtered chainsaw dressing
12 Bruny Island oysters
1 large chilli (finely diced)
1 tsp freshly grated ginger
1-2 shallots (very finely diced)
2 tbl rice wine vinegar
½ tsp sugar
A dash of soy sauce
A dash of sesame oil

Combine all the ingredients into a bowl whisk lightly, you want the oil and liquids to pearl rather than emulsify, spoon over oyster and eat at once.

Chin Chin – The Book

Chin Chin – The Book

Wow! This is a thriller in terms of cooking genres and cookbooks. The cartoons and the Intro’s really give you a real sense of the place. The team based approach is also something I enjoy about the restaurants ethos and I think it is also […]

Chin Chin at the Bay of Fires – MOO YANG

Chin Chin at the Bay of Fires – MOO YANG

Chin Chin in the Bay of Fires This dish is perfect for camping because its BBQ pork which is a no brained on a camp site. I got the Chin Chin cookbook. For Christmas so this adventure will feature a for bit of recipes to […]

Porterhouse Steak with mushrooms and champagne jus

On the fly, you need to keep it simple. We arrived in Hobart 4ish then scoped a small fresh food joint for some quick ingredients. The simple steak and salad is a 15min no brainer. Add the shitake, oyster and black fungus to the pan juices for the last five minutes while resting the steak with a glass of champagne to broil down you have a quick and delicious mushroom sauce.

Porterhouse Steak with mushrooms and a champagne jus

2 porterhouse steaks (about 250gr per person)
50gr butter
mixed mushrooms
1 glass of champagne

butter lettuce
local stink goats cheese something soft
olive oil
lemon juice
salt and pepper

Before you get started get the steaks out of the fridge and get them to room temperature on the bench. In a fry pan on a high heat melt the butter until it’s about to turn brown. Grab the steaks on throw them in. Keep them turning every ten seconds, I count cat and dogs, it works. Keep them turning till you are happy with their doneness. Pull the steaks out into a bowl and let them rest. After ten minutes put your pan with the leftover butter back on the heat. Wait till it shimmers, you want the mushrooms to fry. After a few minutes pop the glass of champers into the pan, it should sizzle. After a minute pop the mushies on the steak on a plate. Further reduce the jus making sure you scape of any caramelised bits and bobs on the bottom of the pan.

The salad is easy, dress at the very last second. Put on plates I use my hands. Serve.

Enjoy! You can make this dish anywhere with almost no gear.




Christmas Eve – Smoky American Style Ribs and Christmas Slaw

Christmas Eve – Smoky American Style Ribs and Christmas Slaw

A food blog would be impotent without pushing the boat out over Christmas. Thankfully there are not too many problems for this blogger to dandy a few lines of Christmas cheer on this day. Ironically, I wish I could describe the arguments rather than the […]

Momofuku Cookbook – the first I think?

There are not too many cookbooks that get me excited before the christmas break. Its my birthday in mid November and most of my friends and family know about my passion for food. This year in particular one of my close collaborators Dan Giuffre got […]

El Loco Hot Dogs – Pop Up Friday 3


This recipe is the best for feeding numbers quick and easy. The punters will tell you the results. Nobody left unhappy except the two punters who thought the pop up was at one rather than twelve. Ingredients play the biggest role in simple food. The protein, German smoked frankfurter  is a must, got to get the best. Word on the street is Hela’s Butcher in O’Connor. Great staff! Great Frankfurters! We also had a special guest appearance from Tony Leung from Sydney Architecture firm a+. What a combo though Dan Hong you have absolutely nailed this one. Jalapeno chillies, smokey frankfurters, special pickle sauce served with grated cheese and Japanese Mayo. WTF! 5 stars.

One of the things I love about Dan Hong’s food is the ingredients are available kinda anywhere except for the hero which is the frankfurter in this case. So a trip to Foodworks in East Fremantle (my favorite grocer because they are cheap and they have started stocking 99% of the Gourmet Bicton Fresh who charge upto three times as much) gets you most of the stuff for this recipe. By the way!!

Here we go!

Bloody Delicious
Ready to Rock’in Roll

Serves 6:

Pico de Gallo
4 x Tomatoes (de-seeded and diced)
1 x Bunch Coriander, finely chopped.
2 x Jalapeno Chillies, finely sliced
2 x Garlic Cloves, very finely chopped

Mustard Relish (this is awesome, Giuff made the sauce while I chopped the Tommies)
150 ml American Mustard
50 ml Honey
2 x Dill Pickles (Gherkins, extremely finely chopped)

The Rest
6 x Hotdog Buns
1 x Jar pickled Jalapenos
1 x bottle Kewpie Mayo
1 x 200g Halloumi cheese


1. Should be self explanatory! For the Salsa (Pico de Gallo) cut the tomatoes in half, using a tablespoon like a spade dig out the seeds so you are left with the flesh and skin. Slice finely into a small dice around two millimetres. This is the most onerous task of this dish but worth spending the time on. I good salsa is paramount.

2. To make the relish squeeze 150 ml of mustard into a bowl. Join with 50 ml of honey. Chop two gherkins in a food processor until small enough to get through a sauce bottle. This stuff is a magic ingredient! Its like something from McDonald’s but house made. Lots of applications.

3. Under the dog, split buns, steam them if you have time, pack full of Jalapenos. Salsa laid down thick, then relish.

4. Above the dog, Kewpie Mayo in a criss-cross motion then use a microplane to shave Halloumi, keep going till it spills out the sides.

5. Result, Pure Happiness!


The Food of Vietnam

The Food of Vietnam

Wow! We have had this cookbook for a couple of weeks and it is truly flavour defining with a serious level of authenticity. Those willing to chase down the exact ingredients will be further rewarded. After spending the last twenty years relying on Charmaine Solomone’s […]

My Diary

Banh Mi – sort of Mr. Hong


Bahn Mi

6 white crusty rolls
1kg pork belly
2 pickled carrots
1 Daikon (chinese radish)
2 Lebanese cucumbers
10 birds eye chillies
1 bunch coriander
1 Kewpie Mayonnaise
1 pork pate
4 ltr Master Stock

1. To start heat Master stock until boiling. Slide in the pork belly and slowly braise in stock 3-4 hours. Carefully drain the pork and place on greaseproof paper in a baking tray. Place another piece of greaseproof over the top place a heavy chopping board on top and stack with tins from the pantry to weight overnight. No need to refrigerate until morning.

2. Pickle the carrots, this can be done in advance

2. Assemble the rolls

Recipe here a combination of the following 2 recipes from Gourmet Traveller

Bahn Mi

Ms.Gs Mini Pork Bahn Mi