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Banh Mi – sort of Mr. Hong


Bahn Mi

6 white crusty rolls
1kg pork belly
2 pickled carrots
1 Daikon (chinese radish)
2 Lebanese cucumbers
10 birds eye chillies
1 bunch coriander
1 Kewpie Mayonnaise
1 pork pate
4 ltr Master Stock

1. To start heat Master stock until boiling. Slide in the pork belly and slowly braise in stock 3-4 hours. Carefully drain the pork and place on greaseproof paper in a baking tray. Place another piece of greaseproof over the top place a heavy chopping board on top and stack with tins from the pantry to weight overnight. No need to refrigerate until morning.

2. Pickle the carrots, this can be done in advance

2. Assemble the rolls

Recipe here a combination of the following 2 recipes from Gourmet Traveller

Bahn Mi

Ms.Gs Mini Pork Bahn Mi