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The Food of Vietnam

The Food of Vietnam

Wow! We have had this cookbook for a couple of weeks and it is truly flavour defining with a serious level of authenticity. Those willing to chase down the exact ingredients will be further rewarded. After spending the last twenty years relying on Charmaine Solomone’s for Vietnamese food, The Complete Asian Cookbook, books like Nguyen’s are game changes to everyday cooks and a amazing source of research and obviously eating. The great aspect to a book such as this is the hopeful demand on the diverse ingredients will have a knock on effect in supply. The Boat Shed in Cottesloe are normally pretty good on this front, and the same with Bicton fresh.

While still tricky to get many authentic ingredients in Perth, especially herbs, the food marketplace has changed a lot over the last 20 years. Often Solomon’s cook books would use recipes with ingredients that were available at the time it was published. David Thompson’s book Thai Food provided me with the same investigatory experience as Nguyens book here 25 years later. We have already cooked quite a few of the dishes and the results have been fantastic.

The Char Broiled Lobster with satay sauce is wicked, it’s all in the sauce. The Vietnamese style satay sauce here in prawny, crabby and nutty. Added to the lobster cooked on the BBQ (wood fired a must for a bit of smokiness) you have the lobster incredible flavour and texture enhanced by the Sate sauce. An absolute winner combination. Anyway stay tuned as more recipes and ingredients are explored. Tonight I am cooking the char-grilled Pork sausages, YUM!