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Momofuku Cookbook – the first I think?

Momofuku Cookbook – the first I think?

There are not too many cookbooks that get me excited before the christmas break. Its my birthday in mid November and most of my friends and family know about my passion for food. This year in particular one of my close collaborators Dan Giuffre got me a reprint version of Momofuku, the David Chang classic (as well as some other associated gems from the same camp). Everyone I know gets the point that if they buy me a cookbook in November they will be eating authentic recipes from the book by January. It normally takes a couple months to source ingredients in Western Australia and often relies on me sourcing herbs from seed from the east coast to grow in my own vegie patch. Like The food of Vietnam.

This book marks the true success of the Momofuku brand. It has been reprinted virtually every year since it was initially published in 2009. That is SUCCESS! This book is a beginning point for a small revolution in the contemporary food world. Asian-American and in the same breathe Asian-Australian food is very familiar to local palates. We know the classic dishes, we love the flavours and the hospitality. The group of chefs in this zone are taking the everyday and turning it into the revered dishes and the fan based fanaticism into a new world food order. Its a book about being the first generation in a new country. Its a book about how Chang survived growing up in America. Its a book about intelligence but not mental more like national security.

Its a story of a transcendence from traditions and closely guarded recipes from the asian quadrant of the globe to the chefs of today feeding us the stuff we love. The main ingredient here is deliciousness. The kudos is whatever it takes to make it right. The prize is many happy punters delivering covers with a new culture. The longer the line the better the deal. We tend to look for queues when we travel. If the queue is long the food is great. It is a total fail safe.

This cookbook is more about Ramen then anything else. It is what drove Chang to start this wonderful dream that we all get to be part of. Happily be part of. I am kinda of busy most of the time doing this, that and the other. After reading the introduction I decided to beeline it to the best Ramen joint in Perth. On my quest for Mr.Hong I often end up in a Asian Grocer about 20 minutes away. The last time I was there I noticed a line of 30 plus punters lining up in front of a restaurant across the way. Mental note to self. My girlfriend and I were in town for the weekend, it was Saturday early afternoon. With the introduction still clearly in my mind, I was like “Hey Babe fancy a Ramen for Lunch”, Christobel was a little suspicious but was willing to come for the ride. It was awesome, best 45 min wait for a bowl of noodles I have ever had(check my instagram account).

Anyway I digress, get the cookbook, do your intel, keep cooking. This has got many moments of joy for you, your family and your friends.

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