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Christobel’s Camp Salad Special

Christobel’s Camp Salad Special

Christobel’s Camp Salad Special

The trick to this delightful salad is the camping ingredients you buy that are robust enough to stay good for a couple of days without worry. We usually always have these ingredients on hand with obvious variation. Bread is a rare commodity in our cooking because of our paleo aspirations, so it normally ends up stale in the back of the cupboard. In this recipe Christobel delves deep into her Spanish roots using the stale bread as croutons fried off in the fat leftover from frying the protein.

This is not so much a recipe rather than a formula therefore I’ll write it as such.

3 parts salad leaves
1 part protein (bacon, chorizo, salami, pancetta, etc.)
I part cheese (you will need to experiment here but think in cuisine profiles such as Spanish, Italian, Greek, etc)
1 part stale bread broken into mouthful pieces
1 part anything fresh for a salad (tomatoes, cucumber, beetroot, asparagus, etc)
1 part herbs (be very careful here because you can destroy a salad with a herb, my suggestion is parsley, basil, chives, etc.)

Dressing – we use a no fuss classic French dressing

2 parts oil – normally virgin olive oil but if we are going down the delicate path and have something more neutral we would use that instead.
1 part vinegar – either white, white wine, red wine, sometime balsamic
1 tsp sugar
Salt and pepper to taste

Tweak if you will but normally this formula works without any other fusion.

First chop the protein into a medium dice and fry off in a little olive oil, get it crispy but not burnt, mostly it’s all cured so you’re going for texture and flavour, fish out the protein and retain the pan juices.
Get the bread and throw it into the same pan hot, toss the bread around like you would a stir fry. You’re trying to get it like dark toast with no burnt bits, if you just keep it moving you should end up with delicious crunch toasty nuggets, more texture.

Get the cheese and cut it up or crumble it up to twice the size as the protein.
Allow the ingredients to cool, in most circumstances but sometimes you can make a warm salad.
Combine all the dressing ingredients and vigorously whisk to emulsify the dressing.
To assemble it’s easy, make the salad as you will, dress at the very last second, serve immediately, eat heartily!!